Personalize Your Healthcare with Nutrigenomic Testing

Genetic Testing is a Fascinating Field

It enables us to tap into our own individual makeup. For a long time it was believed that our genetics could not be altered and we were fully at the mercy of what traits our parents passed on to us.

But, we've learned it's much more than that. The field of epigenetics is all about how the environment affects our genes, resulting in Nutrigenomics - the study of how food and nutrients affects our genes and how our genes affect our metabolism and utilization of key nutrients that may play a role in disease prevention.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of nutrigenomic testing and personalized supplementation?

Understanding your Nutritional Needs with Genetic Testing

Nutrascriptives has teamed up with GX Sciences to offer nutrigenomic testing that analyzes up to 120 genes hand-selected by our experts through their clinical expertise.

Each panel report provides the following:

• Nutritional recommendations to overcome genetic weaknesses identified in your DNA
• Lifestyle recommendations
• Lab test recommendations that your provider should consider to give you more insight
• Clinical definitions by experts on what each Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) means to you and your health
• Scientific references on each SNP from top medical journals and research abstracts

Why GX Sciences?

There are many DNA testing providers on the market, but they vary considerably in terms of methods, level of expertise, presentation of results, and useful information for the provider and patient. What medical provider’s desire is a precise way to analyze the specific need of each patient. Additionally, insufficient knowledge of the proper nutritional recommendation for the abnormal SNP can lead to costly and ineffective results for the patient.

GX Sciences was designed to overcome the roadblocks a professional may encounter when offering nutritional supplements to their patient population. Our personalized Nutrigenomic Testing Service is a comprehensive solution for safer and more targeted nutritional recommendations for every patient.

Step 1

Consult with a GX Sciences approved provider and request your test.

Step 2

Take the test. Your DNA is collected by swabbing the inside of the cheek.

Step 3

Place the swab and form in the specimen envelope.

Step 4

Place your sepcimen envelope in the pre-paid FedEx envelope and ship.